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Good Not Lucky: The Metrics of Accountability

Presenter: Beth Schneider

Duration: 46 minutes

Price: $59.99

Member Price: $34.99

This meeting also available for Purchase on DVD.

Don’t get us wrong. We’ll take some luck. But as you think about your last few deals, how many were part of a strategy, and how many did you fall into as part of your overall approach of Frenzied Desperation?!

In this webcast we will share a repeatable process that translates into money. There are three phases to the process. It is simple, executable and it works.

How do we know? Your Speaker is Pinnacle Level Biller Beth Schneider, who has had a strong year in the worst recession since, well, since they first started making them. She will help you determine your reluctance to plan, and how to ensure you are having the right conversations with the right people. She will show you how to find qualified buyers, because metrics only hold if we make targeted calls. We’re way past numbers for numbers sake.

Beth retrenched and repositioned herself. Let her show you how to do the same. We all read the papers and know the future is bright. But you have to close deals in the present to be around to enjoy it. Let Beth help.