According to Danny!

Jack of All Trades, Biller of None: Finding a Niche for High Production

Presenter: Danny Cahill

Duration: 61 minutes

Price: $59.99

Member Price: $34.99

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Why do you use a personal trainer when you already know how to work out? Why do you take your car 25 miles to your dealer rather than the corner Jiffy Lube? Why do you buy vitamins from a health food store and not your grocer? Why not let your dentist take a shot at oral surgery, you're there, your mouth is open, why not get it done?
Because we live in the age of the Specialist!! And so do your clients and candidates. The leading answer when your clients are polled as to why they selected a search firm was because they were perceived to be "experts" in their market space or vertical, and had a track record of success.
And they're right. The more niched you are the more you will bill! There are no generalists in the upper echelon of our business. When you are niched correctly:
1) You do less cold calling
2) Referrals come to you
3) Your world of influence grows as your effort level shrinks
4) You are able to charge upfront and eschew the contingency model
5) You can get junior recruiters up and running easily and build your firm
Ah, but herein lies the rub. Pick the wrong niche, position yourself incorrectly, and your business could plummet. A great recruiter in a dead niche gets poor results. A poor recruiter in a great niche makes a living. A great recruiter in a great niche gets wealthy.
In this webcast we will discuss how to select a niche. How to do your due diligence, and how to build it out over time so that you eventually dominate it.
We'd do it for you. But that's not our specialty.