"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." - Abigail Adams

The life-long strategy

NAPS certification is an earned privilege and one that will continue to set you apart from thousands of other staffing professionals across the country. To maintain your certification, you must participate in our mandatory continuing education compliance program. It keeps your knowledge current on the most vital employment laws and practices which affect your candidates and clients each day. Like so many other professional designations in business this program fits within our life-long learning strategy. We like to think of it as an opportunity to expand your mind and your value.

What are the requirements?

The NAPS continuing education program requires that every three years from the date of certification you must meet 50 education hours (often referred to as contact hours) or 5.0 continuing education units (CEUs).

How is a CEU measured?

1 hour of staffing education equals .1 CEU; 10 hours of staffing education equals 1 hour. Therefore each certified professionals must have at least 50 hours of continuing education every three years.

If I am dually-certified as a CPC and CTS how many CEUs must I acquire over three years?

Holders of both designations need to only acquire 5.0 CEUs or 50 continuing education hours.

Do I qualify for CEU credits if I am a trainer myself?

NAPS abides by the standards of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) which limits CEUs to only those being trained. CEUs cannot be achieved by preparing or delivering training programs.

What if I am unable to comply with the CEU requirements every three years?

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you may elect to retake the CPC or CTS exam at the full registration.

NAPS has identified a number of education and training venues that CPC and CTS holders can use to meet their re-certification requirements. Following you find brief descriptions of the various activities you may wish to pursue:

NAPS Membership

A NAPS membership is the easiest way to keep your certification up-to-date. A NAPS membership gives you access to the following:

Annual Conference

Each fall, NAPS hosts its annual conference featuring a dynamic group of industry trainers and speakers. You can earn up to 16 continuing education hours or 1.6 CEUs for confirmed attendance at this educational event's keynote addresses, breakout sessions and roundtables. The number of actual contact hours at any NAPS Conference should be entered on the continuing education log. NAPS members receive a deep discount on registration.


CPCs and CTSs that participate in either NAPS or other staffing industry webinars offered online or “on demand” can convert the actual contact hours of each education or training experience to continuing education credit. NAPS webinars are offered monthly and you receive 1 CEU for each webinar. NAPS webinars are an exclusive free benefit for NAPS members.

Regional, State and Local Association Conferences and Meetings

Not only do your regional, state and local association conferences and meetings give you the opportunity to network with professional peers, you can also achieve credit toward certificate maintenance. Only those NAPS Associations Alliance Partners will be able to count towards CEU's.

Independent Trainers and Training Organizations

It has become industry standard to receive outside training from professional consultants and trainers. NAPS is prepared to review the curriculum of these independent trainers and approve them for continuing education. If the programs and methods meet NAPS standards, the trainer or training organization will be designated an "approved NAPS continuing education provider," which allows the trainer to award credit toward certificate maintenance. The trainer is responsible for issuing a letter or certificate indicating the number of credits being awarded. Applications to become independent trainers / training organizations can be downloaded or obtained by contacting education@naps360.org.

In-House Training

Certified individuals working for member or non-member firms may apply professional education experiences offered by their employer to the certification maintenance requirement as long as the purpose of the education or training is to foster the professional development of the CPC or CTS certificate holder.

Professional Reading and Personal Study

NAPS encourages any professional reading  and personal study that will have a positive impact on the professional development of certificate holders, but does not  maintain a list of approved books, CDs or related materials. Our position is that the individual should select professional development resources that will best serve her/his needs.

Basically, NAPS allows you to submit the actual "seat time" it takes to read a book or listen to a CD or audiotape. In the case of books, the typical professional or business-related reading experience is awarded 5 contact hours which should be inserted in the continuing education log prior to submission. CD and audiotape credit is measured in the length of the education experience. A 2 hour CD or tape, for example, would have a value of two hours.Any CPC or CTS can also obtain continuing education credit for the professional reading presented in articles in each bimonthly edition of The NAPS Credential. Reading the full report or article associated with those postings marked with an asterisk will result in one contact hour for each edition.

Other Programs of Study

CPC and CTS certificate holders, engaged in college or university courses related to the staffing industry or professional development, may seek to have their higher education activities approved by NAPS. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis and should be done before the class is taken. Applicants should submit a course description, agenda, program information and total class hours to education@naps360.org for review and approval.

Keeping Track of Continuing Education Contact Hours

All continuing education contact hours must be recorded on the NAPS Continuing Education Log Sheet or recorded electronically and submitted.  Those using the U.S. Postal Service to submit their log should direct it, along with the $27 annual payment, to: NAPS,78 Dawson Village Way , Suite 410-201, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Telephone: 844-NAPS-360. Questions about how to use the electronic continuing education reporting tool should be directed to Carolyn Boyer at cboyer@naps360.org

Since your log may be selected for audit purposes, hold on to all certificates and other back up materials.

For additional information or clarification on the NAPS continuing education requirements for certificate holders or how continuing education credits can be earned, contact Carolyn Boyer,CPC  Email: cboyer@naps360.org.