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Danny does his gig. That's where you first met him. A state conference keynote. A day of training at a franchise convention. The time goes by too quickly and there's only so much he can cover. You have questions. You send emails and call. Danny can't stand to know there's a recruiter he didn't help. So he takes your calls; he writes back. His recruiters line up at his door. "How about us?" is what the look on their faces say. So he offers mentoring. People fly in. It's a huge success, but Danny can't accommodate the demand and, let's face it, it's very expensive.

Danny decides to change the whole gig.

Everyone seems to ask about the same issues. We all have the same problems. Recruiters are a community of people who see the world in a special way. What if everyone could ASK DANNY and see the stored answers? What if we could have short "breakout" sessions on the web and never leave our desks? What if you didn't have to take notes because all the documents and training information was available at your desktop 24/7? And best of all, what if this material was modified constantly so it didn't collect dust like all those old tapes on your shelf?

Welcome to AccordingToDanny... the future of Recruiter Training, on your screen, at your beck and call. It's a whole new gig.

Joanne Couceiro

Executive Director, Partner and Trainer 
AccordingToDanny Training Manager – Hobson Associates

In 2004, Joanne started her career as a recruiter with Executive Network. A firm specializing in placing retail executives.

In 2005, Joanne joined Hobson Associates and became a recruiter running a full desk with their technology team. She placed software sales people and sales engineers.

In 2006, Joanne moved off her desk at Hobson Associates to join the AccordingToDanny training company. She started in sales, marketing and admin and eventually moved up to Director of Marketing and Operations where she was responsible for running the daily operations of the company, and planning and running all the events. She was made a Partner in AccordingToDanny at the end of 2007.

She is currently a Partner, Executive Director and the Training Manager for Hobson Associates. She does private in-house training for outside firms and is also part of Danny’s mentoring program and in-house observational audits.

Joanne is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Sociology and is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Barbara Wisausky

Barbara is at the core of the company’s staff, handling human resources, accounting and business services for both, Hobson Associates and AccordingToDanny, LLC. She is instrumental in the day-to-day operations of both companies. She began her career with Hobson Associates in 1999 as Office Manager and simultaneously worked as Executive Assistant for AccordingToDanny, LLC. Barbara is responsible for all accounting for the Web-based training company, in addition to her full duties at Hobson Associates.

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